October 14, 2009

The Name Game

Stole this meme from Mommy Words, hehe! Hope she won't mind! =) I actually already wrote a post how we chose our baby's name back during my first trimester. You can read all about it once you get to the last question below ;-)
About the Name Game: Names are important. Your kids' names were chosen for a particular reason and they mean a lot to you so this would be a great story to share! Copy the image above to use on your blog then go ahead and answer the questions and then pass this Name Game and the simple instructions on to other parents who you think might want to share their story!

1. Do you have any cultural or religious naming traditions?
- No traditions.. My parents just want our baby to have a short first name coz hubby's last name is quite long (10 letters long).

2. Did you or your partner come to the marriage with pre-selected names?
- Yes, we already selected one boy (Tristan) and one girl (Tatiana Dhyana) name. Hubby added another boy name and changed 'Dhyana' to another girl name.

3. Did you consider the sound of the first and middle and last names together? Did this make any sad eliminations?
- Yes, we considered it. No sad eliminations though =)

4. Do you have veto powers?
- YES! Hehe! I vetoed the other girl names hubby proposed and really insisted on 'Tatiana'.

5. Did the baby naming cause arguments?
- No full-blown arguments though it kinda got heated for awhile when I fought for 'Tatiana', hehe!

6. Do you think it is easier to name boys or girls?
- Uhmm, it was both hard for us.

7. Did you eliminate names because of people from your past or present who you don't like or because a certain image comes to mind.
- No. The names from where we selected the final name choice were all good =)

8. Did you / would you survey your children to get their thoughts on the name?
- If we'll have a second child, probably yes. Kids often have awesome imaginations so they might just come up with a very unique name for their sibling!

9. Did you tell people the name or possible names before the baby was born or were they in the vault??
- Our blog readers know but our immediate family doesn't, LOL!

10. Did you use baby name books?
- Nope.. I searched for the meanings of our selected names in the internet though. Have to be sure the names don't have negative connotations, hehe!

11. Drumroll Please! What did you name your kid(s) and why?
- Check our first baby naming post HERE! ;-p

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