October 01, 2009

let's talk about weight gain! :p

I've been lamenting my huge weight gain (4-5 kilos!! that's 8.8-11 pounds!) in the first trimester but there's good news to be had! It seems that I'm underweight (97-99 lbs) for my height of 5 feet and hence I need to gain more pounds to have a healthy pregnancy. I'm targeting 30 pounds of weight gain and that leaves me around 20 pounds to gain in the next 6 months. Let's just hope I can do it! =) Anyway here's the table of pregnancy weight gain plan that I followed:

Rate your prepregnancy weight (pounds)
5'<>102-132133-147> 148
5'2"<>107-141142-157> 158
5'4"<>116-152153-170> 171
5'6"<>123-161162-180> 181
5'10"<>138-181182-202> 203
Your gain plan (pounds)
if you
you should
gain a total of..
Where do the pregnancy pounds go?
maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients7 lbs
increased body fluid4 lbs
increased blood3-4 lbs
breast growth1-2 lbs
enlarged uterus2 lbs
amniotic fluid2 lbs
placenta1.5 lbs
baby6-8 lbs
total26.5-30.5 lbs
source: American College of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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