October 11, 2009

Week 16 update (Oct 4 - 11, 2009)

Blogging live from Macau! Uhmm, NOT! LOL! I answered these questions in Macau though =)

Yep, we are on Day 1 of our second honeymoon / babymoon (Oct 10) today, and we're tired already! Hehe! We arrived in Macau around 10pm tonight, went through immigration without any hassle, checked in Metropole Hotel and went casino hopping. So far, the best lobby we've seen was that of Wynn's =) Anyway, unto my pregnancy update!

How far along? 16 weeks! Yes, 4 months already! ^_^
Total weight gain/loss: I gained another 1 kilo since my last OB checkup 18 days ago. We went for checkup 12 days early coz we wanted to make sure our sweet baby is alright before we travel and we are both A-OK to fly in a plane and spend 7 days sightseeing =) Which brings us to my total weight gain: 5-6 kilos in 4 months!!
Maternity clothes? None yet.. I'm using my mom's bigger clothes though. I'm, I think, 2 sizes bigger than my non-pregnant size.
Stretch marks? None so far!
Sleep: Sleeping quite well! Absolutely no more morning naps, an occasional afternoon nap here and there..
Best moment this week: Our OB checkup! We saw our sweet baby again! =) Also, hubby's parents treated us to a Chinese-Filipino resto for our first wedding anniversary dinner last Oct 8. YUM! I also loved the moment when my bestfriend visited my at home and brought sinful ice cream, potato chips and chocolate cookies. Dang, she spoiled me!! Hehe!
Movement: Lots of flutters down there!! No solid kick though.. And hubby is quite excited about it, always asking me if baby is moving =)
Food cravings: Chinese food! Last Oct 4 we ate in Ahfat then Oct 8, we ate in Yellowfin Resto. Then today, more Chinese (plus Macanese!) food! Our baby's gonna be a Chinese cuisine addict as his/her taste buds is forming now -- and the first taste s/he savors? Chinese food!
Gender: I have no preference this week.. I feel it's gonna be a girl though as I'm looking better and better :p Ultrasound showed thickened stuff down in baby's genital area and my OB said it could be the scrotum, or just a thickened labia. It will be seen for sure next month..
Labor Signs: None so far!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!
What I miss: Feet that are not sore! Just 1 day of sightseeing, make that 4 hours, and my feet are already killing me =( Got 6 more days of walking.. Hope I survive!
What I am looking forward to: Hongkong next week! Ocean Park (again) and Disneyland, here we come! =)
Weekly Wisdom: If you're pregnant and traveling, make sure tobring your health records, usual pain meds, emergency meds (especially those that stop uterine contractions), preggy vitamins and milk. And use flats and light clothing!
Milestones: We're 4 months pregnant already! Woohoo! Plus we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and our babymoon is our first out of the country trip. Many milestones this week! =)

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