October 04, 2009

Week 15 update (Sept 27 - Oct 04, 2009)

Last week, I have been very busy making a travel itinerary for my parents' 5 days / 4 nights trip to Taipei (capital of Taiwan). This week, I'm drowning in Macau and Hong Kong travel ideas and what-nots. Our second honeymoon / babymoon is next week and I have yet to finalize hotel arrangements and our travel itinerary! Five more days, just five more days.. *inhale exhale*

How far along? 15 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Around 5 kilos..
Maternity clothes? Just my mom's clothes (a size bigger)..
Stretch marks? None yet!
Sleep: Getting enough sleep during the night! Barely napping in the morning =)
Best moment this week: Meetup with my doctor friends last October 2! And we had dinner buffet in Siggi's as well! *burp* Our sweet baby "met" some of his/her godfathers and godmothers in the said meetup =)
Movement: Lots of flutterings in my pelvic area! Gas or baby??
Food cravings: Spaghetti! Anything with rich, tomato-based sauce like afritada and caldereta!
Gender: We want BOY!!
Labor Signs: None..
Belly Button in or out? Still in and getting shallower by the minute :p
What I miss: My lithe body, non-bloated + non-pimply face, and flat abdomen! Huhu! I want my pre-pregnancy bladder too.. I've been peeing every 2-3 hours! -_-
What I am looking forward to: Our babymoon in Macau/HK! Five days to go! Woohoo!
Weekly Wisdom: Don't buy maternity clothes until the fifth or sixth month. Use your flowing dresses, your mom or sister's clothes (if they're bigger), or use extenders: use your now-short blouses + now-tight pants, don't zip and put Bella Band over it. Voila! No money spent! =)
Milestones: Baby movement flutters! Plus I finally felt comfortable showing my face and body to the public at large =) Never mind I still feel bloated and unattractive.. Where is that pregnancy glow everybody's talking about?? I want it now!.

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