September 25, 2009

choosing our baby's name =)

Labsie and I agreed not to have children for quite awhile (only after 3-4 years of marriage) or maybe even never have children ever. But that didn't stop us from making names for our future babies. Kinda funny when I think about it now.. Maybe we're really destined to have kids! *shudder* :p Anyway, around 2006 or 2007, Labsie and I agreed to have our baby girl named Tatiana Dhyana. The former is a Russian name (which I loved since time immemorial!) while we stole the latter from a certain movie's credits. Hehe! As for a baby boy's name, I wanted Tristan, it sounds so chivalrous and manly! Yep, I got it from King Arthur's time =)

Now that we're having our first child, the baby naming frenzy is up again! My parents want us to give our baby a short name since Labsie's surname is quite long. But as you previously read above, we're big on having two names for our kids. Woe to them! Hehe! Labsie and I decided on Tristan Gabriel for a boy and Laurana Tatiana for a girl. Laurana is a character in Dragonlance, a fantasy book series that we adore. She is a beautiful elf princess, a brave warrior (yes, she fights!), and a noble person. Tatiana, meanwhile, means fairy princess. Just perfect! =) Here are the names we considered and their meanings:

Anastasia = resurrection
Laurana = the bay or laurel plant (leaves used to weave the Greek champion wreath)
Karina = pure
Katerina = pure, torture
Olga = holy
Sasha = feminine of alexander, defender of mankind
Svetlana = star
Tatiana = fairy princess!!! =)

Gabriel = archangel, God's able-bodied one, hero of God
Tristan = tumult

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