September 17, 2009

me and my baby's compatibility =)

My due date is on March 26 (Aries) but babies sometimes arrive early or late. If ever our baby will be born BEFORE March 21, s/he'll be a Pisces, a water sign. I'm a Cancer while hubby is a Scorpio, both water signs. Pisces will be a perfect addition to our family! =) If ever our baby will be born on March 21 or after, s/he'll be an Aries, a fire sign. Water + fire = boiling water OR the fire being put out. So what does this all mean? A helluva exciting family life!! I just hope Labsie and I are up to it! LOL!

Mom - Cancer, The Crab
June 22 - July 22
Relax -- you were born to be a mama. Cancer moms are intuitive protectors of children and the most fertile sign in the Zodiac. Mothering likely comes easily to you -- sweet, sensitive, and caring, you have no problem providing the ample love and affection your child needs to thrive. You may find others marvel at your affinity for this new undertaking, and it's unlikely that others will feel inclined to offer up unsolicited parenting advice (thankfully!).

One important thing to remember, though, is that your baby bird will need to fly out of the nest on her own someday -- Cancer moms run the risk of being overprotective and preventing their little ones from learning the valuable life lessons available to them by making mistakes every once in a while. Remember to give your child room to explore the world independently. Don't be afraid to let her run on her own a little at the playground or park -- you can stay a few safe steps behind. And trust that she'll be just fine on that playdate or first day of nursery school. Take comfort in the fact that you've created a reassuring, safe haven for baby at home -- and knowing you and your ability to nurture, it's likely that there's delicious food cooking on the stove and that the rooms are beautifully decorated to boot.

Baby - Aries, The Ram
March 21 - April 19
Your child is a nonstop mover. She's a fan of energy-expending activities, so let her play in a baby gym and bouncy jumper, take frequent trips to the park, and navigate homemade obstacle courses. Use bright colors to decorate her nursery. Your fiercely independent child has to do things without Mom's help, whether it's holding a bottle, feeding herself, or cruising around the coffee table. Encourage these behaviors (and always stay close by to supervise), since they'll help foster your child's growth.

Baby - Pisces, The Fish
February 19 - March 20
Sensitive and emotional, Pisces babies feel the nuances of their environment very deeply. To blossom, your little one needs a secure, warm, nurturing home. Keep him close to your heart by carrying him in a sling as you run errands or tidy up around the house. Comfort him with classical music, soft lullabies, and soothing massages. Avoid loud, disturbing noises. He loves games like pat-a-cake and peekaboo. Your little Fish will adore baths too, so make sure you've got plenty of water toys on hand.


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