September 02, 2009

pregnancy checklist!

Week 3
Take a pregnancy test - DONE last Aug 4!
Schedule first prenatal checkup - First checkup last Aug 20!

Week 4
Get eating on track - Hard to eat healthy coz I've been craving for salty and buttery foods =( Gotta work on this and eat more fruits + veggies!
Start your prenatal vitamins - I can't stand any vitamins with iron! My stomach feels queasy the moment it hits =(

Week 5
Start (or continue) exercising - I have zero to very minimal physical activity. I just sleep whole day. I hope I'd feel better soon so I can start exercising.

Week 6
Begin looking at money matters - Yep, we gotta start our Baby Fund. 6 months to go!

Week 7
Pick up some books on pregnancy - My sister in law said she'll send me her 2 preggy 2 books!
Milestone: See baby's heartbeat on ultrasound - YEAH! Hubby and I saw this last Aug 20. More about it HERE =)

Week 8
Schedule monthly OB visit - Next checkup on Sept 19!
Schedule chorionic villus sampling - Err, I'm on Week 11 now. Too late for CVS! Besides, I don't think having this test is a norm in our country.

Week 9
Consider a babymoon - Consider? We're having one on Oct 9 - 18! Actually it's our 1st wedding anniversary celebration / second honeymoon =)

Week 10
Schedule nuchal translucency screening - Same comment as with the CVS above.

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