August 21, 2009

first look of our sweet baby! =)

Theoretically we knew we were pregnant for about 8 weeks or so: the pregnancy test was positive, I have no menstrual period for 2 months already, plus I am gaining weight and experiencing other pregnancy symptoms. But it still blew our minds when we heard our baby's heartbeat yesterday! We are, 100% without a doubt, pregnant beyond belief! LOL! ^_^ Labsie (my hubby) was so exhilarated by the whole experience that he was smiling ear to ear the whole day. I was happy too, knowing our baby is safe and sound, looking healthy and normal as my OB can gather from the ultrasound. Keep growing sweet baby of ours.. See you in 7 months!

Baby Stats as of Aug 20
Crown-Rump Length (CRL) : 22.1mm
Yolk Sac: 3.2mm
Fetal Heartbeat: 183bpm
Age of Gestation: 8 6/7 weeks
Impression: Single, Live, Intrauterine Pregnancy with good cardiac and somatic activities =)

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