November 29, 2009

Week 23 update (Nov 22 - 29, 2009)

How far along? 23 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I'm figuring I gained one kilo from all the pigging out the last two weeks. I'll know for sure how much I gained in next week's OB checkup.
Maternity clothes? I'm wearing one in the photo above! My sis-in-law gave it to me, so cute huh?? =) Other than that, I'm still wearing my mom's clothes and some of my loose stuff.
Stretch marks? Nothing yet! Or maybe hubby and I just don't know what a stretch mark looks like, LOL!
Sleep: Switched to a new sleeping position: me on the left and hubby on the right. I lie on my left side while hubby hugs me from behind to support my aching back. So far, it's working and I'm sleeping quite soundly ^_^
Best moment this week: Watching New Moon last Nov 24! It was so kilig as expected and Labsie also had fun guffawing the "romantic" scenes, LOL! Another best moment: eating WAGYU beef steak last Nov 26!! Dang, it was sooo good, fat and all!! And because of it, my blood pressure rose (I had palpitations, cold sweat and was dizzy for 20 minutes). Scary!
Movement: LOTS!! And everytime our baby kicks me, I talk to him/her. I noticed s/he's awake early morning (6am) then sleeps then awake at 10am --> sleeps --> active again at 3-4pm --> sleeps --> awake at 7-8pm or at 10-11pm, our bedtime. So far, I haven't woken up between 12-6am due to his/her active movement.
Food cravings: Nothing.. I had all I wanted to eat this week! =) Labsie made me french toast last Nov 25, ate Wagyu, had roasted chicken last Nov 27, ate plenty of eggs yesterday (courtesy of my paternal aunt) and had Sbarro pizza today! Yep, my parents arrived from Manila and we got more food! =)
Gender: I feel we're having a girl coz I'm so mellow. According to mommies, when they had boys, they had mood swings and raging anger (probably due to testosterone?). Truth to tell, I'm much more bitchier when I wasn't pregnant than the past 6 months :p
Labor Signs: None!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!
What I miss: Shopping without getting tired! Was looking for storage and baby stuff on Nov 24 (NCCC) and 26 (Victoria Plaza), and my feet + back were just killing me! Guess it couldn't handle my additional weight + extensive walking -_-
What I am looking forward to: The ultrasound next week! Hope our baby will not hide his/her privates anymore!
Weekly Wisdom: Try spooning with your hubby to support your back while sleeping, it's really good! =)
Milestones: My nipples oozed a bit of fresh milk last Nov 23! I had been suspecting I have breastmilk already but until this week, I only saw its dried remains. I have milk for our sweet baby, woohoo! =) Another "milestone" are the "bubbly kicks" I felt this week. I'm not sure if baby came up with a new movement (aside from kicking) or s/he's having seizures inside me. Coz that's how the "bubbly kicks" felt, like there's something vibrating inside me, shaking me from inside. Maybe our sweet baby is just hiccuping? Forming bubbles and all that burst against my belly? Must ask my OB about this..

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