November 11, 2009

pregnancy checklist (part 2)

Check out part 1 of the pregnancy checklist HERE!

Week 11
Start shopping for maternity clothes - I started window shopping, no purchases of official maternity clothes. I bought leggings, loose blouses and dresses though =)

Week 12
Milestone: Belly starting to show - You bet it's showing! Take a look of my 14th week belly HERE. Looks really bloated -_-
Milestone: Tell friends and family - Told my parents on Week 10 while we told hubby's family at this week. Everybody's excited!

Week 13
Start looking at maternity leave - I'm not working so..

Week 14
Research and sign up for childbirth classes - Researched and reserved a slot for January 2010 classes! If you're in Davao and looking for Lamaze classes, contact Ms. Alexandria Hao in her Multiply page.

Week 15
Schedule amniocentesis and multiple marker screening - Not done -_-

Week 16
Schedule monthly OB visit - Checkup last Oct 7, before we left for our babymoon =)

Week 17
Milestone: First baby kick - Felt baby flutters since Week 14 and I felt baby's first strong kick on Week 18. It was unreal!

Week 18
Pick up some baby books - My sis-in-law lent her baby books 2 months ago. Thanks Rye! =)
Consider using a doula and start interviewing - No doulas or midwives..

Week 19
Research public and private cord blood banking - I don't think we have this in our country, or at least in my city -_-

Week 20
Schedule standard mid-pregnancy ultrasound - Had this last Oct 4 but our sweet baby hid his/her privates from view! Thus, until now, we don't know his/her sex. Til next month then! Other than that minor hiccup, our baby is all normal ^_^

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