November 18, 2009

the aches and pains of pregnancy

I'm nearly five and a half months pregnant, and boy, the weight I gained is taking a toll on my petite body and bones! On a side note, I had a free bone scan recently and I was overjoyed that despite me not drinking milk / taking calcium supplements regularly, I have uber-healthy bones! No signs of osteoporosis or whatever -- happiness! =) Anyway, I gained a total of 6.5 kilos for the first half of my pregnancy and though my body mass index (BMI) is still normal for my height, this is the heaviest I've been my entire life! I've been chubby during my high school life and during summer times but at most, I only weighed 47-48 kilos.

The added weight plus my bulging abdomen have been killing my back, calves and feet! I can definitely feel what the pregnancy books are saying with regards to my growing belly changing my body's center of gravity. My body is a mess and my muscles and bones are taking the all the glorious pain! I badly need a full body massage to soothe my aching muscles and foot spa but I'm so lazy to get out of our house. As it is, I'm relying on hubby for mini-back massages and foot massages every day. He sooo good at it, especially with the foot! ^_^ Hope you won't get tired massaging me Labsie.. Thanks so much and I love you so!

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